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Pay Per Click

Get A Tighter Hold On PPC Campaigns

The PPC (Pay Per Click) programme is just unlike organic programmes. In this event, advertisers have to pay the publisher for each Click. And we at the Esearch Technologies recommend that the many advertisers shall pay, the higher their ads would be appeared in the listing. What our PPC experts do is enlisting keyphrases on the ground of target market and goes on publishing ads on each and every highly used search engines and social networking sites.

The main focus would be paid to keyword phrases which directly would connect the targeted audience. While searching on search engines, both paid list and organic list of advertisements would appear, but our PPC professionals are much more capable of turning visitors’ eyeballs towards the paid ads and make them click on it. Our years of experience as on of top leading PPC companies speak louder about us.


Analyzing and reviewing are our foremost practices performed before mainstream publication programme. Through the proper process of market analysis and past/present stand of our client in the market, identifying the competitors and detecting the customers our PPC team set their fruitful strategies.

Different practices performed by our PPC professionals are as follows:

Esearch Technologies uses a healing system that we call SEMAX ( to organize the entire process. SEMAX integrates with Google Adwords API to energetically breed ad groups out of keywords, ad creative and destination URL’s. This permits us to construct out campaigns extremely fast whereas intensifying definite keywords.

Proper utilization of keywords for PPC campaign:

Unlike many other PPC campaigns, our team does the best use of keywords by developing comprehensive and useful contents inside the ad. So that, when the visitors click on the keyword and try to get into the ad, they find something informative and importantly what answer their minds.

Use of specific keywords:

Our PPC team is being much careful regarding the uses of keywords. They perform a regular supervision to search engines results which relate the similar business through Google Keyword Tool. Depending on the highest search keywords, the PPC campaign content would be developed.

PPC campaign budget:

If we differentiate our PPC budgeting plans and programmes from every other out there, then, we affirmatively do the right thing. On approaching us, you can certainly notice a quality pack of services at reasonable investment. The maximum charges our team deserves for the high listing of advertising are still affordable by any small, medium and big scaled companies. Other than this, paying us is also not an issue, amount received through clicking the paid ads can be paid to us on any given dates.

You get full control over your PPC campaign:

It is for those who are managing their PPC campaign programmes through home website can pause PPC campaign whenever you prefer. On the ground of your requirement we shall continue with the same campaign once again, because to have regular inspection over the campaigns through home website may not always be possible, so this is optional for clients.

Monitor your campaign:

Constant inspection over the campaign is also possible. For this to be implemented, you have to pay continually for the keywords which literally transfer the total amount of traffic to your website. You delete unwanted keywords according to your requirements and keep those which you are craving for as well.

Lastly, clients are always requested to have patience, when it is all about PPC campaign. Something big to be happened takes quality time. When, the results come, it always shows the better ways to future.